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1. How long does it take to get my vinyl?  Most vinyl order shipping times are the same as our regular shipping schedule.  Some orders will take longer if they are larger.  You can see our regular shipping times HERE.
Sometimes shipping takes longer during busy holiday times (summer and OCT-JAN).

2. Sizing of vinyl - on most of your vinyl designs it only shows one size (4-inch, 5-inch, etc).  What size
is this - height or width?
  On most of our designs, the size options are 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, etc...  You are
ordering the size of the LONGEST side
. So, if a design is wide, and you order the 5-inch size, it will be 5 inches
wide, keeping the height proportional.  If you are ordering a tall design, and you order the 6-inch size, it will be
6 inches tall, keeping the width proportional. If you still have question, please email us.

3.  Can you do a custom vinyl design for me?  Maybe - if we have time.  Email us what you need done and we will let you know if we can do it, and how long it will take. We rarely have time in our schedule to do custom work during the months of October, November and December. But, email us and we can let you know for sure.

4. The example picture of a design I ordered shows it on wood - but I did not receive wood with my
order!  Where is the wood??
  We only sell vinyl decals.  We do have one or two designs where wood is available
to order, but for the most part, you are only ordering the vinyl when you order from us. We like to show examples of
our vinyl lettering as a completed project (we make these as our time allows). This helps you see one way to use a
particular design, and gives you ideas on how to use vinyl lettering in general.  If you have any questions about this, please email us.

5. NO RETURNS on vinyl?  Why not?  Your vinyl is not cut until you order it. Every order we receive is personalized for you (size, color, etc...) Because of this, we cannot resell it since it is what you wanted, not someone else.  All of our vinyl is non-returnable. PLEASE contact us BEFORE ordering if you have any questions about the vinyl you are about to order. Please be sure you are ordering the correct style, size, color, quantity, etc...
If you are ordering for an event, and you order more than you needed, these extras are not able to be returned.
Any questions? Email us BEFORE ordering.

6.  I wanted my Christmas design red, but you sent me black.  Why? If there is not a color of vinyl specified with the order - black will be sent automatically. If the vinyl color section is left blank, we do try to email you and ask you which color you want.  If we do not hear back within 24 hours, we will send black.  So, please be sure you tell us which color of vinyl you want in the vinyl color text box above every add to cart button for vinyl. If you wanted a color, and you left it blank, and we sent you black, these cannot be returned.  It was not our mistake.  You will need to order another vinyl in the color you needed.

7. I ordered vinyl in November and it took 2 weeks to SHIP my order?  Why did it take so long?  We are VERY busy during the months of OCT-JAN.  Remember - we do not cut your vinyl until you order it.  This means there is a limit to how many orders we can get out on any given day.  When we receive hundreds of orders in a short amount of time, it takes quite a few days to get them all cut and shipped.  If you are on a time crunch - please choose PRIORITY SHIPPING in the shopping cart (AND email us after ordering telling us you ordered using Priority shipping so we can be sure to get your order going).  This will bump your order to the front of the line.  More information is HERE.

8.  I messed up when I was applying my vinyl decal.  Can I get a new one?  Yes - but you’ll need to
pay for it.  Simply order a new decal or lettering.  We highly recommend that if you are ordering vinyl for a group activity, you order more than you actually need.  Odds are - someone will mess up while applying the vinyl and need a new decal.

9. Why don’t you have the official CTR logo or YW torch available as a vinyl decal? These logos are copyrighted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  And we do not have permission to use them, nor do we plan to get it. To protect the copyright of these items, if you see these elsewhere on the internet it would be in your best interest to contact the person and confirm that they have permission to be using these graphics. (We used to sell them, until we were contacted by the Church to discontinue them - we happily obliged {we were unaware we were violating copyright of these graphics}.  Copyright issues is not something we want to be involved in.  We intend to obey copyright laws).

10.  Can you show me how much detail will be in the smaller size temples?  Yes.  Here is a guide to show how our temples get less detailed as they get smaller.  If you need to see how your temple will look, please email us.



11.  I am applying vinyl for the first time.  I need more pointers.  Here is an illustrated guide on how to apply large pieces of vinyl.  This technique can be used for most sizes of vinyl, but is especially helpful for large pieces.

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