You get our lowest price - even if you only order one (1) charm!

Most of our charms are 1/2-inch +/- in size.
If you need to know the exact size of a charm, please email us before ordering.


PLEASE read our FAQ’s about our charms before ordering:

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bracelet Personal Progress charm bracelet

Personal Progress achievement charm bracelet.
** Please note: Standard bracelet size is 7.25”. If you need our
8” bracelet, mention this in the NOTES section of the
shopping cart (our 8-inch bracelet is closer to 7.5”-7.75”).
You can see our 8” bracelet HERE.

Hand out completed when a young woman completes
Personal Progress, or hand out each charm as they
complete the corresponding value.
Or you can simply use this bracelet as a reminder of the YW values.

To keep the price low - charm bracelet comes unassembled.
You will need to attach the charms to the bracelet yourself.
Our split ring tool is very helpful in doing this. 

To see the meaning of each charm, CLICK HERE.

**Actual bracelet may differ from what is shown - we have a variety
of faith word charms, crown charms, snowflake charms, and
heart shaped charms.  These variations will be sent randomly.
You can however choose your OWL charm:
You can pick
silver or green (green corresponds with Knowledge).
This is so each bracelet can be slightly different.

**Includes bracelet, charms, split rings (attached to charms)
and organza bag **


Owl color? (required)



Necklace YW value tree silver1

YW values tree necklace
Round medallion is 1.25”

Regular price: $7.99/each
New lower price: $4.99/each




zipper pull BELIEVE1

BELIEVE zipper pull

$ .99/each




Necklace live by faith AE1

Live by Faith necklace.
Black cord, silver medallion.

Regular price: $5.99/each
New lower price: $2.25/each




zipper pull FAITH1

FAITH zipper pull

$ .99/each




Wristband_I_love_jesus bundle2

I Love Jesus leather wristbands
Great for primary kids, young men, young women, and adults!
Fits most - adjustable.

Regular price: $5.95/each
New lower price: $1.95/each

Color: (required)






Charm split ring tool

Split Ring Tool
To attach our charms to a bracelet, you will need a split ring tool.
There are many varieties of these, available at many crafts stores.
Ours is affordable and easy to use.
(Each of our charms come with a split ring attached to it.)






Hold to the Rod zipper pull





Charm charm bracelets1

Charm bracelet
Two sizes available: 7.25” or 8” in length
(The 8” bracelet is closer to 7.5”-7.75”).
They are two different designs of bracelets (as you can see the
links are larger on the 8” bracelet).

Some of our 7.25” bracelets are the same design as the 8” bracelet:
When ordering the 7.25” size - the designs (smaller/larger links) will
be sent at random - but all the same size.

All of our charms come with an attached split ring so you can
attach them to a bracelet or wear with a necklace.
*Our split ring tool makes attaching charms to this bracelet a breeze!





Charm zipper pull

Zipper pull
Turn any charm into a
zipper pull!

$ .25/each




Charm arrow

Arrow charm

$ .99/each




Charm arrow with heart

Arrow w/heart charm

$ .50/each




charm bear

Bear charm

$ .75/each







charm bee AE

Bee charm
*This is a small charm,
under 1/2-inch in size*

$ .50/each




Charm bee w-honeycomb

Bee w/honeycomb charm

$ .50/each




Charm beehive1

Beehive charm
** Beehive class symbol **





Charm believe

Believe charm, round

$ .50/each




Charm binoculars

Binoculars charm

$ .75/each




Charm Book of Mormon NEW

Book of Mormon charm





Charm camp sign

Camp sign charm

$ .50/each




Charm camp fire

Campfire charm

$ .75/each




Charm canoe

Canoe charm

$ .50/each




Charm compassAE

Charm compass larger1

Compass charm, larger
*This is a little larger charm,
about 3/4-inch tall

$ .75/each




Charm compass smaller2

Charm compass smaller

Compass charm, smaller
This charm is just under

$ .50/each




Charm cowboy hat

Cowboy hat charm

$ .60/each




Charm CTR round

CTR charm, round
1/2” wide





Charm CTR letters

CTR charm, letters
This is a bigger charm
about 7/8” wide

$ .75/each





Charm faith word1

Faith (word) charm

$ .75/each




Charm faith round

Faith charm, round

$ .50/each




Charm faith oblong

Faith charm, oblong

$ .99/each







charm families are forever

Families are forever charm





Charm find joy in the journey

Find joy in the journey charm

$ .50/each




Charm flashlight

Flashlight charm

$ .75/each




charm flower

Flower charm

$ .50/each




Charm heart elongated

Heart charm, elongated

$ .75/each




Charm hiking boot-stick

Hiking boots/stick charm

$ .99/each




Charm I Believe

I believe charm





Charm I love camp shirt

I love camp shirt charm





Charm I love jesus

I love Jesus charm

$ .50/each




Charm lantern

Lantern charm

$ .50/each




Charm laurel wreath

Laurel wreath charm
** Laurel class symbol **





Charm liahona

Liahona charm


Color? (required)



Charm match

Match charm

$ .99/each




Charm mountain w-sun

Mountain w/sun charm

$ .99/each




Charm oil lamp

Oil lamp charm

$ .60/each




Charm owl green

Owl charm - GREEN/BLUE

$ .99/each




charm owl silver

Owl charm - SILVER

$ .60/each




Charm pine cone

Pine cone charm
*This is a small charm,
under 1/2-inch in size*

$ .50/each




charm pray word1

Pray (word) charm

$ .75/each




charm praying girl

Praying girl charm, flat

$ .50/each




Charm praying girl 3D

Praying girl charm, 3D





Charm rose

Rose charm

$ .99/each




Charm sail boat

Sailboat charm

$ .50/each





Charm SLC temple

Salt Lake Temple charm, 3D
About 1/2” wide (from end
to end) and 1/2” tall





Charm SLC temple round

Salt Lake Temple charm, round
1/2” wide






charm snow flakes

Snowflake charm
A random selection will be sent.

$ .50/each




Charm star

Star charm
*This is a small charm,
under 1/2-inch in size*

$ .50/each




Charm star of david

Star of David charm

$ .60/each




Charm sun behind cloud

Sun w/cloud charm

$ .50/each




Charm tent

Tent charm





Charm tree

Tree of life charm

$ .65/each




Bright idea trek

Charm wagon wheel

Wagon wheel charm
Great for Trek as a zipper pull

$ .99/each




Charm water bottle

Water bottle charm

$ .99/each




Charm YW

YW charm SET
(2 charms)

$ .99/each




Charm torch

YW torch charm







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