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*NEW* Simplified Advertising Package

We offer one advertising package.  You pay PER QUARTER.

Your advertising package consists of:

1. Your ad placed on the side bar of our blog for one quarter (3 months) (see example below) which for most people this is the minor inclusion.  The major one is the order insert.  See #2.
2. THE BIG ONE: A product insert in each of our orders shipped - so your business info gets in
the hands of each of our customers directly (quarter page insert).
3. A blog post about your business on our LDS Sunshine blog and one Facebook post on both of our Facebook pages at the beginning of your ad quarter:
     Facebook page - Latter Day Sunshine: currently at 341 members
     Facebook page - Latter Day Young Women (mostly LDS women): currently at 74,000 members

Each quarter ad is $200, and includes everything stated above.

Each quarter is:

The Fine Print:
  You can supply us with a graphic to place on our blog.  Or, we can take one off of your website.
2.  Once you pay for an advertising period, and the advertising dates have started, the paid fee is
NON-REFUNDABLE.  You can cancel your advertising time, but the payment is non-refundable if your time has
already started. Payments are not prorated due to you canceling. If you cancel before your advertising dates have begun, you will receive a full refund.
3. The order count varies greatly year to year, month to month - so we cannot give you an accurate count on how many orders will include your ad insert.  But - we do get roughly 2500-4000 orders a year.  About 3/4 of our orders are received between Sept-Mar. Apr-Aug is our “slow” time, with approx 1/4 of the orders received during this time.
4. Latter Day Sunshine does not offer any guarantees for how many clicks or sales you will receive from
advertising with us.  An advertising agreement can be canceled if you feel it is not doing what you
hoped, however, the fee you paid is non-refundable.  This means, we will take your ad off our blog
and discontinue your order inserts, but you will not receive any portion of your ad fee back.
5.  We do limit the number of ads that are placed on our blog at any given time, so there may be a
waiting list to advertise with us.  We only run the ads on a quarterly basis, so ads must begin at the first of a quarter.  If we are in the middle of a quarter, and you wish to start an ad immediately, we can run it for the remainder of the quarter, but the ad cost is not prorated - so you would pay the full quarter price, even for half the quarter.
6.  There are a few items that cannot be advertised with us.  We are a family-friendly website/company.
If your products or website do not fit into this category, we will not advertise them.  We cannot advertise any
product for you that we currently sell on our website - we can still advertise your website, but we will not
spotlight any individual product that is also currently sold on our website.  If you have a question about
what we can or cannot advertise, please let us know via email.
7. The product inserts will be printed by us. We will print them as needed to be included in order shipments. You, however, provide us with the graphic/information to be printed. We need the graphic to be colored, but not a solid color graphic for the entire space of the quarter page.  We can help you with this if needed. And show you examples of what we need.
8. Ad fee is paid via PayPal.  An invoice will be sent to you to pay from - usually a few days prior to the
ad starting period. Your ad contract is your payment of the ad fee.  By paying the fee you agree to the terms.


To set up your advertising dates - email us!!


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